GGE was founded in 2011 with the aim of becoming the leading provider of energy services in the region. Within six years we have registered incredible growth, gained a wealth of experience and helped countless companies and public institutions lower their energy costs, improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprints. Our goal remains unchanged and we continue to diversify our service portfolio in order to consistently offer the best solutions to our clients’ energy challenges.


We are present throughout Central and Eastern Europe, with offices in the following countries: Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Italy.



Our mission is to deliver to all our clients innovative, technologically advanced and reliable solutions in the field of energy services, that strongly improve their business competitiveness, energy efficiency and environmental footprint. Our experts, diversified experiences and result-driven operations attest to our commitment.


Savings guarantee: The only true measure of success of the projects we carry out are the savings our clients achieve. As a reliable partner, we at GGE guarantee these savings to our clients, and deliver on our promises with precision and accuracy.

Neutrality: We are not dependent on any single equipment or technology provider, so that we can always make sure to offer our clients the very best available technology suited to their particular needs.

Diversified expertise: our team members come from a wide range of impressive backgrounds and each have their own field of expertise and focus. We do not have one speciality, rather we have knowledge and experience of all technologies and energy systems, and provide solutions accordingly.

Innovation: We provide targeted solutions to maximize each project’s impact by thinking outside the box and finding solutions that may not always seem possible or obvious. Innovation is at the heart of GGE and we bring the latest technologies and methods of best practice from across the globe to our clients in the region.

Environmental friendliness: We invest a lot of effort into making sure that each solution we come up with is as sustainable as possible. Sustainability, CO2 cuts and environmental protection are important factors in our work, as we work hard at making sure that the measures we implement help not only our clients but wider communities and their environment as a whole, and that they use clean energy that can last our clients for decades to come.

Independence: GGE has strong backing and years of experience and expertise, but it does not behave like a huge corporation. Instead, our independence allows us to be flexible, adaptable and agile in order to best meet your needs in a short time frame and offer bespoke solutions. We are not slowed down by bureaucracy or an outdated structure.

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