How to finance and manage your energy efficiency project?
Our key business model – guaranteed savings with no investment required.

The term ESCO stands for energy service company. The model allows companies like GGE to carry out energy services without the clients having to invest their own capital into the projects. Using the ESCO model, we carry out the energy audit of your facilities, propose a solution, implement, operate and maintain it, but most importantly we provide the financing so that you can keep focused on your core business. We guarantee results, and clients repay us from the achieved savings.

The ESCO model is implemented through Energy Contracting. There are several benefits to using Energy Contracting to improve energy efficiency and achieve the highest possible energy consumption and cost savings:

  • guaranteed energy savings – savings that are carefully calculated predictable and can be incorporated into the client’s financial plans; GGE provides a contractual guarantee of achieved savings
  • no financing required, the investment is covered by GGE
  • the investment does not appear on the client’s balance sheet
  • GGE takes care of planning and implementing the investment, energy management, energy supply, operations and maintenance, and assumes all technical risks and responsibilities
  • clients can focus on their core business

How does it work?
A turnkey solution that takes care of every step on the way to energy efficiency

  • Preliminary analysis

    We provide preliminary assessments of energy systems and detailed energy inspections which serve as a basis for making decisions regarding the improvement of energy consumption and achieving operational efficiency.

  • Development of energy solutions

    By collecting and analysing key data according to various indicators, we design solutions to increase cost-efficiency and energy efficiency.

  • Financing

    We offer energy solutions that pay off in terms of savings. We can guarantee partial or 100% financing for such energy solutions.

  • Implementation

    With our knowledge, competence and experience of managing demanding projects, we provide a comprehensive approach to investments.

  • Operations and maintenance

    We offer a wide range of services for the management and maintenance of implemented energy systems.

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