GGE and its technical partner Elios have been awarded a public tender in the central Serbian town of Petrovac na Mlavi, for the renovation of the entire public lighting system. GGE’s solution is to replace 1,521 old luminaires with 1,426 LED luminaires and 50 halogen luminaires. GGE will also replace the obsolete systems for switching public lighting on and off at all 36 substations in the municipality, with an automated system that will enable greater energy efficiency. The installed capacity of the luminaires will decrease from 205 kW to 40 kW.

The energy delivery contract with the municipality was signed on 08.08.2017 and will last 12 years, with GGE providing the municipality with an additional 3 years of warranty for the quality of the equipment installed. The inhabitants of the municipality will enjoy better infrastructure with more comfort and high reliability.

Public private partnerships (PPPs) between GGE and a public partner mean that GGE provides financing and implements the project, also providing maintenance services for the duration of the contract. GGE recoups its investment gradually, with the public partner immediately benefiting from savings. Once the contract expires, the public partner benefits from the full amount of savings, which in the case of Petrovac na Mlavi are 78.8% of what they previously paid for lighting.

This is GGE’s third public lighting reference in Serbia, in addition to its public private partnership for heat energy delivery with the City of Pirot. In the region, notable projects include the public lighting PPP in Novigrad, Istria, and the largest energy efficiency PPP signed with the City of Ljubljana, in a consortium with Petrol, for the energy retrofit of 49 municipal buildings. GGE will continue to work with cities and municipalities throughout the region in its efforts to improve energy efficiency in the public sector.

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