GGE has won a new industry project for the renovation of a compressor station at the Laško factory site of Fragmat TIM. Fragmat is a leading Slovenian producer of thermal insulation and other waterproofing and isolating materials.

Fragmat uses compressed air in its production processes, that is currently supplied by three old compressors. Two of these have not been renovated since 1998, which means they pose a high risk of failure that could seriously disrupt Fragmat’s production. GGE has agreed to assist the company by creating and implementing a technical solution to replace the existing equipment.

On the basis of precise measurements of compressed air flow rate and power consumption of compressors, GGE decided to replace two of the deteriorated compressors with two new ones. The renovation will take place in two phases:

  1. In the first phase, a new frequency-controlled compressor with a rated output of 160 kW will be installed.
  2. After the installation of the first compressor, the capacity of the second new compressor will be determined and in the second phase, a compressor with normal regulation and an anticipated nominal power of 90 kW will be installed.

The new state-of-the-art compressors will be two-stage. Two-stage design allows for better performance and significantly lower maintenance costs. The new compressors will also have a module for waste heat recovery which will allow Fragmat to achieve considerable savings on heating as well as compressed air production.

GGE will provide Fragmat with electricity savings of at least 9% for the production of compressed air. At least 1000 MWh of thermal energy will be saved annually by the waste heat recovery module on the new compressors.

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