Whether you are seeking to become more sustainable or simply to minimize your energy expenses, GGE can help reduce operational expenses, increase your property’s value, and boost your firm’s reputation for sustainability. We understand the specific challenges our clients face in their daily business, and how difficult it can be to set money aside to invest in energy efficiency. GGE focuses on understanding each property’s unique operating characteristics, plans for short-term usage and plans for long-term operations, in order to come up with an appropriate solution that allows clients to continue their work with no interruptions.

Among our solutions for commercial clients are:

  • energy audits
  • trainings in reducing energy consumption
  • heat pumps and reversible heat pumps
  • use of geothermal waters for energy
  • waste and effluent pool water management
  • cooling systems and ice banks
  • exploitation of waste heat
  • effective lighting
  • boilers and biomass boilers
  • energy management systems installation
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