Biomass is a renewable and CO2-neutral source of energy which enables energy self-sufficiency. Taking into account the cost of energy, transition to biomass can create significant savings compared to other forms of heating and are especially useful for organisations that have a constant annual need for heating. Biomass boilers are particularly well suited for industrial facilities, retirement homes, schools and kindergartens, hotels and sports facilities. By installing such a system we can easily ensure financial savings and reduce environmental impact.


Solar systems exploit the sun’s radiation and turn it into useful heat. This is stored in the heat storage tank and is available for heating domestic water or a building.
Besides the financial benefit, a solar system helps to reduce your carbon footprint and represents a renewable source of energy to supply your building.

Heat pumps utilizing surrounding energy

The installation of heat pumps to heat buildings and domestic hot water enables savings where various solutions are available, depending on the medium in question.
Heat pumps can significantly reduce the cost of heating buildings and represent a renewable energy source.
If reversible heat pumps are used, then cooling can also take place. For simultaneous heating and cooling, we use polyvalent heat pumps with high efficiency rates.


Methane from biogas, a natural byproduct of sewage treatment, landfill and animal-waste facilities, is a ready source of renewable energy. Rather than burning this gas, which consumes energy and increases local emissions, commercial and government facilities can use this biogas as a form of energy for on- and off-site use as a renewable energy source elsewhere.

Landfill gas

We design, build, maintain and operate renewable energy plants for facilities near landfills. These renewable energy projects safely divert landfill gas through extraction wells and pipe it to a landfill-gas-to-energy plant, where it is cleaned before specialized engines convert it to energy for use by the facility and, in many cases, the nearby community.

Cogeneration Heat and Power

GGE helps customers and communities harness the potential of biomass energy by building power and cogeneration facilities that cleanly burn renewable waste to fuel specialized engines that generate power and heat.

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